Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 92 of 229

20 Sep

92 of 229

I like a brothel that gives potential clients a cup of tea before getting down to business. It’s so much more civilised. I really dislike the ones that try to offer you spirits, Gatorade, prune juice or opium. So hats-off to Ella for running a business where courtesy is at its foundation.

Speaking of hats-off, Christopher Walken is yet to remove his. You can’t wear a hat inside! It’s frightfully rude. Ella is pouring you tea you fail to exhibit basic manners! Hang on, it might not be a hat and could just be the way his hair is styled… no it’s definitely a hat!

If you walk into a club wearing a hat, you have to shout the bar. Does the same principle apply in a bordello? “Woops, hat’s still on. This one is on me… and on you and on all of you!”


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