Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 93 of 229

21 Sep

93 of 229

I can see why  Christopher Walken’s hat was not removed; it’s acting up a storm! That’s just a figure of speech. Hat’s, unlike dancing, do not cause violent weather systems.

Walken jealously asks about James and clearly has affections for Ella, but I can’t focus on what’s being said because the hat is really turning it on. Every element of its performance is so subtle, it’s as though it’s not really acting. The expressions and stiffness of its brim all culminate in an enchanting and flawless performance.

The hat’s makeup should be noted. The character of Christopher Walken’s Character’s Cowboy Hat is played by a fez. Latex and special effects makeup have transformed this diverse performer, whose commitment to the character is unquestionably the highlight of this minute. As it sits rigidly mounted atop its co-star’s head, I feel as though I’m watching something special – I’m watching the Lon Chaney of hats.


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