Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 94 of 229

22 Sep

94 of 229

Is anyone else unnerved when people clean a pistol as they speak to you? Watching Ella do it reminds me of my grade three teacher who would polish an AK-47 as she taught home economics. We never saw the gun during math, English, sport (not even to start sprints), geography or religion, but on the rare occasion when we learnt cooking, out it would come.

“Knead the dough, Simon,” she would whisper as she carefully applied solvent.

I believe this is why I panic every time I see a teacake. The school eventually confiscated the weapon, ruling Mrs. Braddock was not allowed to clean assault rifles in class. To get around this, Mrs. Braddock began polishing a flintlock blunderbuss during home ec. There was something about the flared muzzle that made the experience more unsettling…


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