Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 95 of 229

23 Sep

95 of 229

Hat’s again steal this scene. Nath (Christopher Walken) visits James upstairs who is passed out. Nath removes his hat and weirdly replaces it with James’. What kind of creepo walks into your room while you sleep and tries on your headwear? Imagine if you awoke to discover some passing ruffian had popped on your fedora and coolly smoothed out the brim while you were in the land of nod. You’d feel violated. This is precisely why I don’t wear hats. I fear I’m going to be strolling down the street and some miscreant will approach me and mock, “Nice hat, mate. You know what? I fuckin’ wore it; wore it right in ya house. Me – in your hat, in your house.”

The hat acting continues to be sublime and I semi-wish I hadn’t thrown all mine into a cleansing fire.

“Right in your house, mate. Right in there…”


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