Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 96 of 229

24 Sep

96 of 229

“You got style, Jim. I’ll give you that,” compliments Nath. It’s a nice line. Still, it’s freaking creepy to be saying while wearing the man’s hat.

What’s it called if you slump someone over a saddle and give them a tandem ride? Dinking? Can you dink a person on a horse, or is that an exclusively bike thing? It most likely is solely for bikes. It’s hard to jam the rear pegs into the horse. But fun.

Anyway, I ask because Nath is moving an unconscious James by horse past some lovely scenery and a giant invisible bat to some sort of boarding house. Doleful people are crammed into bunk beds that reach to the ceiling and if you look past this wretched, cheerless, piteous sight, the first thing you think is – fire hazard. What kind of negligent sheriff allows such egregious fire code infractions? Tsk tsk tsk…


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