Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 98 of 229

26 Sep

98 of 229

There are so many Hungarians in the boarding house. It’s like a winding immigrant catacomb underneath this place. Seriously, it’s vast and choc-a-block. In the world of the film, are there any people left in Hungary? Did Emperor Francis Joseph I of the Austro-Hungarian Empire awake one morning to find all the Hungarians had nicked-off?

“I can’t be emperor of Austro-Hungry if all the Hungarians have vanished! Otherwise I’m just emperor of Austro-and the empty bit next door.”

This sequence features a sinister man in a hammock. If you want to freak someone out, don’t just throw ‘em a sly look – rock slowly as you do it. From the menacing man in the suspension bed, to nude folk tunes. The scene moves seamlessly from destitution to a very content man strumming a nylon string acoustic for the entertainment of the naked women in his bed. I hope he plays some Neil Diamond. Hang on, if there are several naked ladies in your bed, don’t waste time serenading them!

“Make love to us…”

“Very well. Just after this little number I wrote while on tour with Neil Diamond…”

Sorry, someone is playing Hot August Night next door.


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