Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 100 of 229

28 Sep

100 of 229

I don’t think you should ever defy gravity. Disobeying from time to time is fine, but if you openly ignore gravity, it might grow angry and petty.

“Oh, you want to disregard the binding force of the universe, hey? Well, I’ll just let Earth drift out of its orbit. How do you like that, Earth?!”

Though, if we did move out of our orbit, it would make travelling to Mars a bit easier.

Speaking of binding force, Ella and Nath are about to copulate. He pays her in advance, which is only polite and get’s ready for some action in the typical 19th century way – stoically.

I’m noticing the film’s interiors during this night sequence are a very yellow hue. It’s completely jaundiced. Golly gosh, I hope it doesn’t have hepatitis! Deary me… You shoot a million feet of film for a movie and this is what happens. The film stock becomes tired and run down, then it eats an unwashed strawberry and ka-blam! Your film comes down with Hep A. More severe cases is where the term ‘B movie’ comes from.


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