Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 103 of 229

1 Oct

103 of 229

Away from Nathan and Ella, (the film cuts before we see anything, but I bet they, like, totes did it), to a smoky morning in the township. Clearly the giraffe dragon is lurking somewhere. He means the people of Johnson County no harm; he’s employed to provide hazy atmosphere. The work is intellectually stimulating, but the long hours clash with the giraffe dragon’s lifestyle of hassling medieval knights. Unfortunately, he’s on an individual contract, so not a lot can be done to increase flexibility in the workplace.

Good grief! The giraffe dragon just ate one of the townspeople! Oh no, hang on. Sorry, it was just a photographer’s flash.

Safe from the smoke, James is accosted by unhappy fellows who complain Nathan shot a member of the community. James isn’t interested because he is trying to enjoy his morning coffee. It’s like that time I tried to buy a train ticket to Tocumwal and there was only one person serving behind the V/Line counter. The line was gigantic, my train was leaving soon and there was another guy behind the window eating his lunch. I know everyone deserves a lunch break, but don’t do it in front of people waiting in line. Revolution was brewing. People were close to storming the ticket window. They kept saying, “Why isn’t that bloke serving, I’m trying to get to Ballarat here!”

So, the stakes are a little higher for the group reporting a murder, but it’s essentially the same situation. I made it to Tocumwal, by the way. I wish I hadn’t.


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