Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 105 of 229

3 Oct

105 of 229

A curious line of dialogue is uttered. Nathan accuses Jim of beginning to sound like a man with a paper arsehole. Is this a common phrase? I’ve never heard it before. Have I been wandering this Earth unaware I could be using such a colourful idiom? Why didn’t somebody tell me? A friend or family member could have taken me aside at some point and said, “Simon, did you know you could be accusing people of, not owning a paper arsehole, but sounding as though they do.”

What do people with a paper arsehole sound like? Scrunchy, I should think. If anyone out there is afflicted with the condition or beginning to present like a person who is, please tweet about it, because awareness must be raised.

Dear lord… a paper arsehole would be self wiping. The next step of human evolution is before us, people!


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