Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 106 of 229

4 Oct

106 of 229

In the world of this film women pull ploughs. It takes sixteen of them to drag one through the field. It begs the question; why aren’t these people stealing horses instead of cattle?

You steal a horse, you’ve a way of ploughing the land and you immediately rob Nathan of his primary mode of transport. All I’m saying is the guy rides around shooting immigrants; take his horse and his favourite pass time becomes that little bit more difficult.

It’s hard to jog after someone in boots and it’s likely he’ll give-up immigrant hunting and become a banker or realtor. He’ll be appraising your property one day and say, “Hey, is that my horse?” At that point you can either stay and fight, or just nick-off on his horse.

“Get back here!” Nathan will cry, “you’re property could fetch upwards of $10,000 at auction!”


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