Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 107 of 229

6 Oct

107 of 229

Those poor women pulling the plough. It makes you appreciate tractors. Never again will I take them for granted. So many years I would drive past tractors and not give them a thought. Occasionally I’d give them a small thought, like, “Oh, that one is green,” but nothing beyond that. Of course that would only apply if the tractor was green. If the tractor was yellow, I’d be thinking, “Oh, a yellow one.” A tractor of any other hue probably wouldn’t register with me. If I passed a field with a blue or brown tractor, I doubt I would notice. Something very interesting, such as an invisible tractor, would be worth noting. But if it was invisible I probably wouldn’t be able to see it, unless it was being driven. The farmer bobbing along would be a dead give away and look a bit like a rural equivalent of Wonder Woman. If the farmer was invisible, well, I’d be in all sorts.


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