Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 108 of 229

7 Oct

108 of 229

I’ve so far not yet mentioned the focus in this film. It’s fine. The lens doesn’t seem cracked or damaged and presumably the camera was operated by professionals. No one ever refers to the focus when reviewing movies. Thought it worth noting. 

Ella is apparently untrustworthy. The man who said this could have just been winding up Nathan. He’s an automaton made of clockwork, so it helped power him for the day.

Cut away to baseball! There are many parallels between baseball and this film. There are nine innings in a game of baseball. That’s a lot of innings. I’m just saying, is all.  Also, no match caller ever mentions the focus in a baseball game. It’s hard for the pitcher, second baseman and shortstop to stay sharp.

“He’s out! That’s the ballgame and I’d like to take this time to draw attention to the fact no one has become a smudge tonight. Stay crystal clear and contrasty Philadelphia.”


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