Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 110 of 229

11 Oct

110 of 229

At last the death list is revealed! It’s handed to Jim on a lovely bit of paper. Big ups to the props department, because that paper looks exactly like paper. Sometimes you see a piece of paper in a film and you think, “Yeah, it’s white and rectangle, but it looks more like plasterboard or a BBQ.”

Sometimes it’s not real, but CGI paper. Many productions in order to achieve “green” status will enforce a paperless shoot. Whether it’s more harmful for the environment to use numerous computers to impose digital paper into each frame is a debate which rages in Hollywood at present.

There is one name on the death list that draws James’ attention – Ella. Gasp! Apparently she has been receiving stolen cattle as payment for intercourse. What kind society do we little in when you can’t trade cows for sex? How do they fit in their wallets? And if the wallets are leather, well, that’s just cruel.


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