Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute 112 of 229

14 Oct

112 of 229

Ella reveals some family back-story. At this point, I’ll take any type of story – back, forward, or plot progression on a title card. Ella’s father was killed by a death list. Well, James says, “Ella’s name is on a death list,” to which she replies, “My father died that way.” So, technically he could have died compiling the list. Spelling a long surname could have caused his head to explode, or he could have been impaled while ruling the margins. Ink poisoning sustained by Ella’s father drinking ink in the belief he’d turn into a squid is another possibility.

Nathan blurts out he’s asked Ella to marry him and James is mighty pissed – drunk and angry, that is. When you buy a woman a wagon, you at least expect she wont be taking any marriage proposals. I just don’t get courtship.


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