Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 113 of 229

14 Oct

113 of 229

This scene, INT. THE BLOODY WAGON SHED – DAY, begins with a very bizarre shot. James is on a horse, Ella approaches and the camera dramatically tracks towards them. It’s the type of shot appropriate in a horror film – a crash zoom into the heroine’s face as she realises the killer is her cat’s professional groomer whom she’s known since childhood. However, the effect here only serves to make the scene look staged and stilted.

The actors seem a little surprised a camera is barrelling toward them. It could have been on a wheeled tripod that ran away from the camera operator and the crew only managed to stop it crashing into the wagon in the nick of time. If only it had ploughed straight into it. That would have been so darn cathartic.


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