Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 119 of 229

20 Oct

119 of 229

Finally, away from Nathan and Ella and we cut to the train station. Thank goodness! I couldn’t take another moment of those two pottering around a hut. The stationmaster, you remember the one with the family living in his pipe, seems upset at the train. It’s not stopping! Poor guy; the train never visits him anymore and when it does pop in, it’s only as it passes through. If there are any trains reading this, please take time to visit your stationmaster and don’t take it for granted they’ll be around forever.

His head is now on the rail. Is the stationmaster listening to see if the train has stopped further down the line, or is he trying to shave a couple of inches off the top of his head? I didn’t think the stationmaster was that tall. But I guess everyone has their own hang-ups.


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