Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 120 of 229

21 Oct

120 of 229

Two hours down and the time has just flown. Not like a supersonic jet, more like a World War 1 era Sopwith Camel.

Can anyone guess who is on the train? Send your guesses to thebigimpressiveguessmachine@gmail.com or scream your hunch at the comment field. If you guess correctly, you win a canister of nitrous oxide I swiped from a dentist.

Pretty obvious – it’s the Stock Growers Association. Up to mischief again most likely. If I ever have an evil lair and I assume one day I shall, it’ll be on a train. Though the need to run on tracks would be rather limiting. It’s impossible not to make an obvious getaway. If you’re on the Glen Waverly line you could throw-off anyone in pursuit by not stopping at East Richmond, but that’s about all you can do.

The Imperial Wizard of the Stock Growers Association is wearing a black Cossack hat and a coat over his shoulders like a cape. The kooky headwear is very reminiscent of the Trade Federation from The Phantom Menace. I’m going to call it outright now – Heaven’s Gate and all the Star Wars prequels are pretty much the same movies.


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