Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 121 of 229

23 Oct

121 of 229

Here we go! Some action! The Supreme Leader of the Stock Growers Association leaps from the stationary train. Troops ride over the hill to meet them. They all look so smart in their uniforms. I wonder if George Armstrong Custer is with them? No, he would have been long dead by this stage. It’s a shame; he had such a wonderful ginger moustache.

Speaking of ginger, John ‘Count Harriet Mensworth-Smithe’ Hurt is with the cavalry, sporting a Cossack hat. It’s such a small town, what store is selling all these fancy fur hats? Did every village in the Wild West have a brothel, a train station, a general store and a luxury hat retail outlet?

Armstrong is a strange middle name. But then again, so is Bret. Ever met anyone whose middle name is Bret? Exactly.


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