Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 123 of 229

25 Oct

123 of 229

Count Harriet Mensworth-Smithe salutes the sky with his hipflask and oh my, a lovely fade to black. The screen is still black… still black… still black.

What? Intermission?! A title card announces a break. I’d better take one. I’ll make myself a cup of tea and grab a biscuit. Mmm, delicious! I’ve let the tea brew for the perfect amount of time. Milk, with no sugar is how I take my tea in case anyone is wondering. The milk in the fridge expires today. If it was tomorrow, today – firstly that’d be confusing, but would also mean I’d have to pop down to the shops to buy more milk. So, lucky me! I reckon I should dunk my biscuit in the tea. What do you reckon? I’m going to do it. I’ve earned it. Time to treat myself. Shit, I let the biscuit get too soggy and it flopped into mug. Sigh. I’d better go fetch a spoon.


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