Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 124 of 229

26 Oct

124 of 229

It’s still intermission? You’re shitting me. It’s a fucking DVD! If I was watching this film for fun I could take an intermission any time I pleased; it’s called the pause button.

Great, well, I don’t know, the black screen is very black. So, kudos to whomever was responsible for that. Even the word ‘intermission’ has disappeared. I’ve nothing to look at.

The music is appropriate. I think I hear a bouzouki, but please don’t correct me if I’m wrong. This break better not be twenty minutes long. Firstly, don’t include a full-length intermission on the DVD, spread the film over two disks and imply an intermission. Secondly, if you are going to have a break, supply a snack bar when you purchase or rent the movie. I’ve drunk my biscuit infused tea and I’m sitting here like an idiot.


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