Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 126 of 229

28 Oct

126 of 229

I think the stationmaster might be in a spot of bother. Generally speaking, gun-carrying mercenaries in long flowing coats standing over you is a bad omen. The stationmaster is given a sporting chance as edges towards his horse. The gunman asks if the stationmaster likes his new suit, commenting he paid $50 dollars for it on credit, but will be able to pay it off soon. Why would he say such a thing? Oh! Of course, you receive $50 for every person you kill from the death list. I’d completely forgotten. If only the characters had mentioned it a dozen or so more times, it may have stuck with me.

The stationmaster’s hat flies away in the wind. You know you’re in real trouble when even your hat fucks off. The chase begins! The stationmaster heads for the hill, but over the crest ride the forces of the Stock Growers Association. A sole hit man gives chase, firing coldly at the fleeing rail official.

The stationmaster’s horse is hit! Were they after the horse the whole time? Are stallions stealing cattle? What if the horse was an agitator; undermining the authority of the SGA with an aggressive pamphlet campaign?


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