Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 130 of 229

1 Nov

130 of 229

At anecdote’s end, Ella takes her leave. Nathan invites her to stay for supper, most likely a stew or mammoth spit with roast vegetables skewered over the tusks. But she politely declines and is instead off to ‘settle’ things with Jim. I hope she’s not going to discuss their relationship, but is off to settle a bet. If all goes well, they’ll wager double-or-nothing on a cockfight or fly race. Better yet, they’ll gamble on a fly vs chicken fight.

Like an empty wardrobe in the corner of a distant great aunt’s bedroom, this love triangle is so utterly uninteresting. Just when some gun slinging action was taking place, the viewer is forced to sit through some tongue groping and blah blah McLove-Interest being lusted over by hoo-hoo McMoustache. Hmm, gawd I’m hungry. I could totally go some mammoth.



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