Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 132 of 229

3 Nov

132 of 229

What we got ourselves here is an old fashion town meetin’. None of this civilised rake seating, put your hand-up and wait your turn nonsense. At this gathering, shouting and waving pieces of paper around is how you have your say. Jeff Bridges attempts to quiet the crowd so James can speak, but he’s not having much luck. The meeting is taking place in the same hall where they all roller-skated together. My how far we’ve come in 52 minutes…

There’s a kid sweeping. Why? Sometimes what makes a film great is the small details, but the room is filled with dirt-covered shouting people, why not sweep after everyone has left? Is he being paid to sweep? Is it a part-time job? Is it a full-time job? Or has he taken it upon himself to create a space with a clean floor in the hope it will promote robust discussion?

I wonder what the meeting is about? The armed thugs on their way to obliterate everyone? Could be. It could also be that everyone in the room is also in love with Ella. The pieces of paper being waved are romantic letters and Jim has called the town together to sort out this out of control love polygon.


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