Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 133 of 229

4 Nov

133 of 229

To silence the crowd, Jeff Bridges fires a bullet into the air. It hits a roof beam and presumably kills it. I’d ask for a minute’s silence to remember the brave piece of timber, but I think there have been enough of those throughout the film already.

Jim speaks. Apparently there are a group of armed men coming to invade the county. News to me. I must have missed it… *cough* The more this fact is mentioned, the less sympathy I have for the folk on the list. It angers me so much that I’m starting to side with the Stock Growers Association. I was down the shops the other day and I slapped a Hungarian. I don’t know what came over me. I explained myself. She was rather understanding, but still kicked my arse and I spent an evening in Emergency.

Jeff Bridges is wearing a top hat. He looks like a ringmaster. Is there a circus in town? It would explain the person juggling in the background of Nate and James’ confrontation. Though, some things are best left unexplained. But since interval there has been not enough hackneyed street performance for my liking.


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