Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 134 of 229

5 Nov

134 of 229

The names on the death list are to be read. Jim draws the paper from his pocket. Again, I know I’ve already harped on about it, but it really is exquisite paper. It’s bearing names of people who are to be executed, but that’s hardly the paper’s fault. Death lists don’t kill people; people who read them kill people. Essentially what I’m saying is literacy is to blame.

Sure, you teach people to read and write with good intensions, naively believing no harm will come of it, but what does little Timmy do when he’s sufficiently educated? He writes a great work of literature. But what does little Jonie do when she grows up? She writes the lyrics to an emotionally powerful ballad, delighting and entertaining for generations. But what does little Freddy do when he grows up? Not much. He becomes a civil servant and takes a passing interest in butterfly collecting. But what does little Susie do? She marries Freddy young and regrets it. She loves Freddy, but they just never had a true passion for one another. Getting hitched and settling down in your early 20s is just what you did in those days… Did I have a point when I launched into this paragraph?


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