Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 135 of 229

6 Nov

135 of 229

The names are read. It’s the who’s who of characters we’ve seen briefly over the course of two hours. Oh no! They’re not going to kill the guy I saw for a moment at the cockfight?! And not the guy who was in the background for a bit, eh, whenever it was!

Why is Jeff Bridges in a top hat? He looks like Dr. Caligari. Is the film about to transition from anti-Western to German expressionist horror? Why not, I say. There are probably many, many reasons.

Are those who didn’t make the death list going to feel left out? Kind of like friends of school kids who fail a test, own it and make everyone who passed feel uncool. Only cool kids are on the death list. Tim Gelenki was the student like that at my school. I think he grew-up to become a mercenary.


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