Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 136 of 229

7 Nov

136 of 229

The name reading continues. He’s not going to read every name is he? The Stock Growers Association is a-comin’; time is of the essence. Just pin the list up on a notice board, like when roles are cast for the school play.

I’m looking at the assembled crowd and it’s going to be pretty much everyone in the room. Time would be saved if Jim just announced, “You’re all screwed.”

It lacks tact, but concisely conveys the message. But it is foolish to expect anything concise in this movie.

More names, more names… Jim’s hair is so silky. Did they have conditioner in the Wild West? Could you purchase Vidal Sussoon at the general store? If you’re about to fight a battle it is nice to look your best. It’s also a common tactic to confuse your enemies with a radiant shine that won’t quit.


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