Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 138 of 229

9 Nov

138 of 229

Disturbing harmonica music plays as Ella cautiously enters her home. There are horses out front, so people must be waiting inside. It’s strange how a harmonica can be disturbing. It’s usually such a cheery instrument.

A tuba – now there’s an instrument that’ll make you feel uneasy. Never mind fiddlers on roller skates, you got someone staring at you while blowing into some brass, you’ll feel dread in no time.

There are some gents awaiting Ella. As she enters, one turns to face her on a squeaky chair. Nice. That’s some good Foley work. Perfectly timed and at a reasonable volume. Is a squeaky chair an instrument? You don’t see many in modern orchestras. But of course in ye olde times, first chair violin used to be first chair chair. The musician would shuffle round, producing rhythmic squeaks and creaks. Unfortunately it’s very hard to play in key and even harder to tune. The fact you must sit on the chair makes it pointless to wear roller skates while playing, so you can see why it fell out of fashion.


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