Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 141 of 229

13 Nov

141 of 229

The Stock Growers Association’s goons are not kidding around. Oh. OK, that’s happening. Well, this film is by the director of The Deer Hunter, what did I expect? A film of comparable quality, to be honest with you; not just comparable horror.

Over-the-top tragedy in lieu of plot aside, Jim has re-emerged to save the day. If he’d not read out the names of every bloody person in Wyoming at a sure and steady pace, he may have arrived a little quicker. Jim shoots up the place with surprising accuracy. Seriously, he’s randomly firing and managing to hit everyone but Ella. He’s like the Lee Harvey Oswald of the Wild West.

Just in case you didn’t pick it up from their plan to murder everyone in Johnson County, the Stock Growers Association are bad people. Next – a scene where the Association kicks puppies and tips over charity collection bins in the event anyone is still unsure.


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