Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 143 of 229

15 Nov

143 of 229

Not that it really matters now, but there’s I’ve just found out there’s a 219 minute version of this film and it’s being screened at the Brisbane International Film Festival. Here I am, labouring away with the 229 minute version like an idiot, when all the while there’s a slightly shorter director’s cut available!

I wonder what Michael Cimino cut? With so much to choose from, he’s really spoiled for choice. Why only ten minutes, by the way? I suppose to be fair, the original theatrical release was 129 mins or so long, so he is adding to that. But what ten minutes did he omit from the latest cut? What moments were beyond the pale? If you’ve got a 229 minute version, surely slimming ten minutes is inconsequential? In grand scheme of things, an audience after sitting in a cinema for three hours and fifty minutes is not going to complain, “Geez, it was good, but it could lose ten minutes. I was with the film until the three hour and forty minute mark, but after that… sheesh!”


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