Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 144 of 229

18 Nov

144 of 229

This film is much like Melbourne’s outer suburbs – sprawling, directionless and without a bus service to take children to their local school. OK, the analogy lost steam by the third example. Not that buses run on steam. I’m sorry for the mixed metaphor. Though a steam bus would be an excellent tourist attraction. A group of charity runners could race the steam bus and raise money for the poor people who are injured by the boiler, which for practical reasons is located inside the bus.

Nathan rides with fury to the Stock Growers Association camp and storms the tent where the Generalissimo of the Association and some henchmen sit plotting. Nate draws his pistol and shoots the man who ordered the attack on Ella straight between the eyes. Another unbelievably accurate shot given there were several people in very close proximity. The Regent of the Association seems moderately flustered and cries, “Not here!”

That’s what he yells? He’s upset at the location? Why? Because it’ll be a bugger to clean up? “Go outside if you’re going to do that!”

Steam bus – patent pending.


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