Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 145 of 229

18 Nov

145 of 229

Well, well… Nate has changed his tune. He was going to sing Good King Wenceslas at the town Christmas pageant, but will now perform a ballad version of Jingle Bell Rock. He has also had a change of heart. His aorta was clogged and underwent a transplant. He’s also done a 180. Nate was wearing roller skates and one leg is a foot longer than the other. He’s also just displayed a complete about-face. Nathan is military trained and he thought he heard a whistle. He’s also done a complete backpedal, which is an astonishing achievement considering his bike has back brakes.

Ahem. Nathan has suddenly come to the conclusion the Stock Growers Association are scoundrels. Apparently only he is allowed to ruin lives and wipe them out. That’s some perverse moral principles. He’s like the mob.

It should be noted Billy/John Hurt/Count Harriet Mensworth-Smithe is in this scene. He utters something in a cadence that would lead you to think it was amusing, but in reality is just perplexing. The character is meant to be a witty class orator, but he’s more like Mike from The Young Ones.


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