Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 147 of 229

21 Nov

147 of 229

The Chairman of the Stock Growers Association Party storms out of the tent and shoots an imprisoned immigrant in the head. It was an accurate shot, but from incredibly close range, so it’s not as impressive as the other direct hits we’ve seen so far.

The slaying was to prove a point. Nate had questioned if Premier of the Stock Growers Association had ever killed a man by his own hand. So, to demonstrate he had no problems getting his hands dirty, he blew someone’s brains out. He could have just answered, “Yes.” I’m just saying maybe, in this instance, a simple yes answer would have sufficed. If a friend challenges that you can’t draw, sing or operate a sewing machine, by all means feel free to demonstrate you can.

But if someone accuses that you’ve never killed a man, best to hop on a sewing machine and whip up cloak or cape to distract them, because the stakes are a little higher when proving you can kill. The take-home lesson is to only kill if you are double or triple dared.

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