Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 148 of 229

22 Nov

148 of 229

James is only capable of two conversations. The first is droning on about the death list, the second is attempting to convince Ella to leave the county. He’s on about the latter presently. I wish he’d drone on about drones instead. I’m talking about either remote control aircraft or male bees… or male bees operating pilotless aircraft.

These darn lazy male bees inseminate queens and do little else, the very least they could do is serve in the military remotely controlling death machines. I’m not suggesting the bees should carry and deliver missiles themselves. The warheads are too heavy and the bees look silly. The feasibility of bee weapons delivery was tested during the Cold War. There was a brief period when the ‘B’ in ICBM stood for ‘bee’.


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