Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 149 of 229

24 Nov

149 of 229

James is a bit of a meanie. I think I’ll call him Jimmy from now on. That’ll be fun! Anyway, Jimmy says… actually, Jimmy isn’t working for me. I’ll try Jim. Ahem. Jim says… you know what? I’ll just stick to James. If it aint broke etc. OK, that’s sorted. James calls Ella a dumb whore. It’s a bit childish. Soon he’ll call her a stupid poopy head with wee sauce. That may seem a harmless, juvenile insult, but if you’ve ever been called a stupid poopy head with wee sauce, it sticks with you.

You find yourself in a group job interview, or on your wedding day trying to keep it together, with the cruel children’s taunts running through your head and snap! “You can stick you job! I don’t care if I am a poopy head! I hate all of you and crisps! Why don’t people say crisps in this country? I think it’s quaint and helps differentiate between hot chips and the salted snack!”

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