Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 152 of 229

27 Nov

152 of 229

As Ella and James break-up I can’t help but be distracted by the orientation of the wide shot inside the cabin. It appears to be on a significant lean. Is this deliberate symbolism, demonstrating Ella is leaning toward being with James? Is it the result of the poor building practices of frontier America? Or is the lean caused by a tripod with a shonky leg? Only time will tell…

OK, I’ve just travelled to Greenwich and I’m no closer to the answer. Time does not tell! Though, I did manage to take some lovely snaps of the Prime Meridian. Quite a nice day all in all. If I had a Tumblr account, I’d show you all, but it seems a lengthy process to acquire one.

Shit. All my photos are on a bloody lean! Maybe the cabin scene isn’t on an angle and I perceive it to be because of my scoliosis and right leg that is three inches shorter than the other.



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