Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 156 of 229

4 Dec

156 of 229

You can see where the money went. The township descends into chaos, depicted by a million extras and fifty thousand horses… give or take. It’s roughly that number. I could be off by one, or two, or half. Yes, sorry I am. There are forty-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine and a half horses. Sozzle, need to get my eyes tested by a Mule. Not the animal, my optometrist’s name is Joseph Mule and he and his brothers run a practice together. They have frosted windows in the waiting area and I think it must be concerning for people who are coming in to have their vision checked, only to find their sight has deteriorated so much that they can’t even look through the window.

The designer of the building should be shot for worrying people like that. Oh… I just looked it up and he was. Well, now I feel awkward.


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