Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 157 of 229

4 Dec

157 of 229

James is asleep. He looks so peaceful; in a grotesquely drunk kind of way. Some concerned citizens are there to speak with him, one of whom slaps him across the face. James flies into action! He cracks a large whip at the assembled crowd. He’s surprisingly spritely for an inebriate.

A man in a fluffy coat makes the sign of the cross. I think it was a joke to demonstrate Jim is a tad off the rails. Or it’s some sort of strange Hungarian Christian whip related custom. The Christ was whipped and he was Hungarian, so it would make sense.

I do like the man’s fluffy coat. I want to put it in a paddock, parade around it and enjoy it like a flea. They’ll call me Peter the Fluffy Coat Flea. Christ was also a flea.


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