Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 159 of 229

4 Dec

159 of 229

The Man in the fluffy coat reveals himself to be the Mayor. Fluffy coats are a powerful status symbol.

The Mayor fires James. Woh, heavy. But James has a personal vendetta against the Stock Growers Association. This is just like Licence to Kill, except James isn’t James Bond and the Mayor isn’t M. Although, they both have the same first initial as their counterparts. I wonder what Timothy Dalton thinks of all this? I’ll ask him.

“Hi Timothy.”

“Hi Simon.”

“How’s Trixy?”

“Who’s Trixy?”

“I don’t know. Hey, Tim?”


“I’m trying to remember the name of that Prussian guy. You know; the one who modernised the Prussian civil service?”

“Frederick the Great?”

“Yes! That’s him! Thanks, Tim.”

“Any time.”

James urges the town to fight. They outnumber the Stock Growers Association greatly, but the Mayor isn’t very keen. This is a lovely shot I must say. The Mayor’s face is reflected in a shaving mirror and for Jim, (everyone else calls him Jim, so it’s just easier to join in), it must be intimidating. If all the people of Johnson County carried mirrors when they fought, they’d outnumber the SGA by even more!


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