Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 162 of 229

7 Dec

162 of 129

Well, I was right. They shoot the grubby faced man to pieces. Alas, he will never have that bath he so desired. I hang my head and make the sign of the cross, then remember I’m an atheist, then remember I forgot to hang out my washing, then remember that it’s alright because I asked Phil to do it earlier.

As the SGA forces fire at the cabin, Ella rides in on her wagon, guns blazing. A bullet hits the wagon and she is forced to leap from it onto her horse. Good. It was a stupid vehicle anyway. The sound effects of bullets ricocheting is very cartoon like. “Piew…sssh.” I think the sound department may have stolen the effect from the Warner Bros. animation sound library. Yosemite Sam isn’t going to be happy when he learns his copyright has been infringed.



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