Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 163 of 229

9 Dec

163 of 229

Epic gun battle! Bullets are flying! Some in World War 1 era triplanes, others fly kites.

Nate bursts through the front door of his cabin, guns blazing. He puts out the brush fires on his pistols and shoots at the SGA Army. Nate is hit! Nate is hit! Nate is a hit! He’s released a single and it’s rocketed into the UK top 10. It hasn’t caught on in America, but will hopefully gain some momentum from its UK success.

Everyone stop panicking. It’s OK; Nate was struck in the leg. I’m sure he’ll just walk it off. Or dance it off. Film clip idea!

Nate’s friend is dead. Well, at least I assume he was his friend. I’ve never seen him before. He could be a neighbour who came over to borrow some sugar for a cake. His mother is going to be pissed when she finds out he got himself shot without grabbing Nate Champion’s autograph.

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