Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 165 of ?

11 Dec

165 of ?

The important plot point of this minute is Nathan is shot to shit. He charges out of the cabin with a pistol and a chair as a makeshift shield. The chair is a strange defence and he could be trying to tame the bullets.

But let’s put the death of a main character aside for one moment. I’ve just discovered something. My mouse sits hovering over the DVD timeline of film, which indicates 2 hours and 45 minutes have elapsed. But curiously, on the right hand side of screen, the time remaining in the film is 44 minutes and 52 seconds. By my calculations (and as part 28 has proven, I’m quite the maths wiz), that’s 209 minutes and 52 seconds. The DVD cover states the running time as 229 minutes! Where has the missing 20 minutes gone? Is the film self-editing as it goes? Has my copy been tampered with again? What’s going on? Has the playback speed increased itself slightly to move things along? This is a blinking outrage!

In fairness, the cover says “229 minutes approx”, but 20 minutes isn’t a negligible amount of time you can throw away in an approximation.

“How long should I cook this pie for?”

“Half hour, approx.”

Half an hour later…

“It’s still cold.”

“I said approx! It’s got at least another 20 minutes to go.”

I shouldn’t complain. My workload has been significantly decreased by this sudden chopping of 20 minutes. My review has been running for about a decade and a half, so an earlier finish date on one hand is a pleasant surprise, but on the other I feel gypped. Does this mean I have to fly to the Brisbane International Film Festival to see a further ten minutes, then just make up the rest? That’s it, I’m complaining to MGM… as soon as my pie is cooked, that is.


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