Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 167 of 209 and a bit…

14 Dec

167 of 209 and a bit…

It occurs to me that in Heaven’s Gate, even town meetings are epic. Extras, make-up, costume, Jeff Bridges’ beard – it all culminates in an unmatched civic spectacle. It’s nice that local government is being shown in this way, because far too often it’s seen as dull, stale and pointless.

Local government is essential, nay, vital for our lives and society to function coherently. Thank goodness for brave motion picture directors like Michael Cimino who use film to demonstrate and promote the might, majesty and beauty of local government at work.

I’ll bet the application process for obtaining a parking permit in Johnson County is smooth and efficient. If you have a query, I guarantee it’s answered speedily and you receive a complimentary mint afterwards. Not because you need it, but because it’s a nice thing to do.


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