Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 169 of 209

17 Dec

169 of 209

Once again, the extras steal the scene – some of them making off with the film canisters when the producers couldn’t make payroll. The extras really have their yelling and screaming down pat. Is there an Oscar for best extra? Given extras can only take group direction, the more appropriate question would be – is there an Oscar for best extras?

I think there should be a lifetime achievement award for the panicked extras on the beach in Jaws. Presuming, of course, they all continued working together. I believe they did. The extras even had a group wedding like a cult. They married each other, acknowledging their love for the collective.

Oh the times they had.

“Hey Marion, remember that time we were all in Jaws together?”
“Me too.”
“That was good, wasn’t it?”
“Yeah, really good. Remember when the shark wouldn’t work?”

And so forth.


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