Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 170 of 209

18 Dec

170 of 209

The extras are on song – most standing atop the sheet music for White Christmas.

Ella arrives on horseback as her F16 is at the mechanic’s. She rushes to Jim’s place to find him shaving shirtless. Announcing Nate is dead, Ella hugs her former lover. Does this mean Jim gets the girl? The opposition dies and she runs back to him? Did Jim win Ella by default? What a hollow victory that must be.

“What do you love about me? My personality? My kindness? My desire to do good?”
“Nah, you were just the last bloke standing.”

He doesn’t look impressed. But he might go for it, you know, if he bundles his self-respect in a locked box and throws it into a river. What an unsatisfying end to the love triangle subplot – Nate dies because he took on an army with a pistol and a chair. Circumstances intervened and James emerges victorious. I hope Jimmy boy tells her to get nicked, or at least receives a fancy feather ornament for getting screwed around.


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