Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 172 of 229

15 Feb

172 of 209

Adding insult to injury, Jim whispers something disparaging into an abrasion. He then coldly reminds Ella that Nate made his own choices and so did she. There’s some nice camera work. We see Jim’s face through a shaving mirror. It’s slightly creepy to be honest with you. It’s unnerving and I don’t quite understand why. It’s probably because Jim is looking straight to camera and I feel as though he’s about to burst into song.

I hope this film genre-shifts and evolves into an 80s MTV music video. Michael Cimino is so subtle, you’d hardly notice. Come to think of it there has been a high instance of characters playing synthesisers in the past twenty minutes.

Ah, twenty minutes ago. Remember the 152nd minute? Come to think of it, I don’t. I think I skipped it to go fox riding in Cumbria. That area of the UK seemed very slanted for some reason.


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