Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 173 of 209

16 Feb

173 of 209

It’s war time. A zillion extras mount horses and wave firearms. Several confused extras mount firearms and fire horses indiscriminately into the air. That’s union labour for you.

Counterpointing the chaos, Jim coolly watches on through his window, slowly dressing himself. It’s quite affective. It reminds me of when Han Solo carefully laced his boots during the battle for Hoth, or when the referee sewed a hem during the final bout of Bloodsport and when Winston Churchill knocked-in a cricket bat during World War II.

Will Jim be able to channel his ninjutsu training and fight the Stock Growers Association even though the Commander in Chief of the Association has thrown lime in his eyes? Only time will tell. Time telling things? That’s a horrific thought. A world where people no longer tell time, but time tells – that’s like Planet of the Apes for theoretical physicists.


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