Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minutè: 186 of 209

22 May

Is there to be a battle in the morning? The tension mounts, the mountains tense and ten mount a word play assalt.

Jim arrives at the makeshift immigrant pillow fort to wander through and not say much. I understand the Western trope of the quiet hero who says what only needs sayin’, but he’s so distant, measured and standoffish. I think some time ago he graduated from silent, strong leading man, to out-and-out jerk. In the previous minute he muttered to Ella, “You alright, Ella?”

At the time she was standing over the bloody corpse of her lover. What response did he expect?

“Yeah peachy, Jim. I am, like, so fine right now. You wanna grab a soda, invent basketball and shoot some hoops?”

“Got a ball?”

“Hmm, no. Oh! But my dead lover – you know, the guy at my feed covered in bullet holes? He may have on in his cabin.”

“I like cabins.”

“Oh, Jim… the things you come out with! Ha! Ha ha ha! Delightful!”

Nate grabs Ella’s ankle, moans and gasps, “Get me a coke…”

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