Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 187 of 209

23 May

187 of 209

The distant dirges of battle weary immigrants float through the Stock Growers Association’s makeshift fortification, much like the cigar smoke from that guy and that guy and from the cigarette of that guy, or the match smoke of this guy. Seriously, who sponsored this scene? British American Tobacco? There’s more smoking advertising in this sequence than a ’70s Grand Prix.

Is anything going to happen, or are we to be treated to a series of ‘smoke looks good on film’ moments? There’s not one person without a cigar or cigarette hanging from their mouth. It’s like a precursor to Mad Men, or hipsters in a northern suburbs beer garden; though the mercenaries’ beards are cleaner.

A trooper who is asleep even has a smoke resting on his lip. It’s like the cigarette is sleeping too. Both must be exhausted. The cigarette especially looks burned out.

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