Heaven’s Gate Minute by Minute: 191 of 209

27 May

191 of 209

Bombs explode and great plumes of dirt and dust rise into the air. The casualty rate is very high so far and many dust particles have become collateral damage. So often dirt is just hanging about, doing its thing, when along comes the violent disputes of humans and a massacre ensues. The dirt poor fight our wars, but let’s not forget the dirt patches that are time and time again blown to smithereens. I think a dirt memorial or dirt cemetery with little tiny crosses made from feather dusters should be erected.

“Here lies Dusty. Admired for his grit, he was wiped from many-an-eye, before being wiped from the face of the Earth.”

The slaughter must cease and weapons such as dirty bombs eradicated so we will never again see a dirt genocide like desert storm.

RIP Dusty.



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